At Spotted Dog Solutions we are changing the definition of business services. We bring highly motivated and results-driven Senior Management resources to small or mid-sized businesses and nonprofits that are not in a position to hire expensive long term management.  Our goals are to help you to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.  We are accustomed to managing multiple, time-sensitive priorities and large-scale projects with acute attention to detail. We have a solid business acumen, a ‘big picture’ perspective, and a capacity to exercise sound, independent judgement

Many small businesses or non-profits face many hurdles that can impair their success. Spotted Dog Solutions can improve your organization by:

  •  Understanding your needs for profitable growth
  • Introduce change
  • Show you where to begin to solve your problems
  • Create innovation
  • Improve Technology
  • Viewing your business objectively

It is essential for businesses to manage their time wisely.  .  .  and that is our goal here at Spotted Dog Solutions.

Let us help your organization succeed without the large financial overhead.